Are you a parent to be?
Do you want to learn how to manage

  • Preterm delivery
  • Low birth weight
  • Lower immunity
  • Delay in learning - to walk, talk, engage with family, social skills etc
  • Frequent tantrums
  • Aggressive behavior and
  • Low academic performance in the long run of your child’s life.

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Impact Of Your State Of Mind On Pregnancy

Research has shown that the parents' state of mind during pregnancy has a long-term effect on the physical health, mental health, behavior and learning of children, even as long as five years after birth. Factors that impact parents' state of mind range from physical stress of pregnancy, anxiety about delivery and labor pain, financial stress, strained relationship with partner or family members, living in a joint family environment, managing home and career, societal pressure and concerns of being a good parent.
This effect is seen regardless of whether the mother suffers from postpartum depression, though that has an additional effect on the development of the child.
In addition to the mother’s wellbeing, fathers state of mind is seen to have a separate effect, which makes it extremely crucial to support the wellbeing of both parents.
These issues are avoidable. How do you avoid this from happening? What can you do today to prepare yourself to provide a safe and secure in utero environment for your baby?


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What We Offer
Mellow Dads-for Dads to be

Dads to be, while you aren't the one pregnant, you will still be possibly dealing with physical changes, hormonal changes, delivery anxiety, financial stress, relationship stress, managing home and work, taking care of other family members or living in a joint family. Any or all of these can be a source of stress. Mellow Bumps for dads to be gives you a safe space to be heard, understood and find healthy ways to cope and manage with these stressors. Once you are in control of your stressors, you are better equipped to provide emotional support to your partner. And that in turn directly benefits your baby's well being and healthy development.

Mellow Bumps-for Mums to be

You are going through one of life's greatest miracles. Creating and nurturing a life within you is not a smooth ride all through. You may experience various types of concerns and anxieties regarding your and your baby's health, your changing body, your moods, your career, your relationship with your partner, managing family and home etc. Having a safe space where you can be yourself, be heard, be acknowledged, be understood and supported is invaluable at this time of your life. With your state of mind being calmer, your babies wellbeing and development will be healthy


Utsmaya offers therapy for children 8-18 years, adolescents, young adults, couples and family therapy. Therapy is confidential and upholding a high standard of ethical practises. If you are experiencing any distress, or seek clarity for an issue or simply strive to become a better version of yourself, reach out to us.

About Us

Utsmaya is the exclusive India partner for Mellow Parenting, United Kingdom. We offer a platform for expecting parents and parents of young children to better the lives of their babies, children, and themselves through parenting intervention programs.
Parenting Interventions programs are a space for learning and skill building for parents to enhance their skills, learn and gain support from expert psychologists. These programs become relevant in India as many parents believe their parental responsibilities are limited to providing food, shelter, clothing and education. However, an understanding of children’s emotional needs aids parents to raise healthier, happier, calmer, stronger children in the long run

Parenting Intervention Programs

Mellow Bumps & Mellow Dads-to-be are our antenatal programmes, delivered in separate seven week groups for mums and dads to be with each session lasting two hours.

Mellow Bumps & Mellow Dads

Mellow Bumps is a seven week group based antenatal programme for expecting parents. The programme aims to decrease the stress levels of expecting parents, improve their mental wellbeing and help build a relationship with their baby before birth.

It supports parents to understand that babies are born ready to interact and the importance of this interaction on brain development, social and emotional development of the baby. Each week there is a theme for the mum or dad, support group session, a baby activity and a relaxation exercise.

Mellow Bumps is offered between twenty to thirty weeks gestation to capture the period when the pregnancy is most secure, and the parents would have experienced foetal movement. The program ends before attention is taken up with the preparation for the arrival of the baby.

These programmes will be conducted both online and offline.

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The Team

Group Facilitator

Mamtha Rajesh has been practicing as a counselor since 2000 and has worked with thousands of individuals across India and the world in their journey of self discovery. She has extensive training in non directive counselling, psychotherapy, transactional analysis, sexual wellness and expressive art mediums like art therapy and sand tray therapy. She has worked with individuals, couples and families over two decades. She has also worked in the corporate space as a consultant counselor. This rich and diverse experience has gifted her with a nuanced understanding of human emotions and its myriad ways of impacting people and their problems. A therapist can only take their client to a place where they have been themselves. As an ethical practitioner she has been in supervision and in personal therapy herself since 2006 and strives to understand and see herself at a deeper level. This helps her to see, hear and understand the client better.


Group Facilitator

Mihika Rajesh is one of the rare young Indians, who early in life at the age of 16, decided to become a psychologist to work towards providing a safe space for children’s mental health and provide support for parents raising young children. In pursuit of this, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master of science in Mental Health for Children and Young People from the University of Edinburgh. She has spent many years volunteering with children at Kidwai memorial institute of oncology, Bangalore and with Let us Dream, an NGO in the USA to build children’s identity and self esteem. As an ethical practitioner she is in personal therapy and supervision



Rosemary’s passion is to support the growth and continuing professional development of all Mellow staff to achieve their potential, which in turn helps make the Mellow team a strong base with the knowledge and capability to support the many Mellow Practitioners throughout the world.Rosemary, as a qualified member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, has been with Mellow Parenting since the organisation’s inception in 2006. Through supporting the organisation becoming a registered charity in Scotland, leading it through gaining limited company registration with charitable status, achieving ISO 9001 Quality Standard and also the Charity Excellence Framework Quality Mark, Rosemary continues to ensure that Governance and strong leadership is paramount to the success of the Organisation. Her key role is to ensure that Mellow Parenting continues to flourish and that the many parents and families throughout the world are able to access Mellow Programmes, by working to set up new partnerships and teams around the globe.



Raquib is committed to strengthening parent-child relationships, and improving parent- child wellbeing. He has a Masters Degree in Children and Young People's Mental Health & Psychological Practice from the University of Edinburgh (UK)and over 14 year's experience in the field of mental health.As the Mellow HQ Research & Development Officer and qualified Trainer, Raquib has had the privilege of working directly with professionals and families in each country Mellow interventions are used. He has supported professionals from across a wide range of disciplines working in the early years and mental health field. His key role involves supporting organisations to implement Mellow interventions in their local areas and evaluate the intervention by testing for impact and cultural-contextual appropriateness. Then using this learning to share best practice and bridge the gap between practice, research and policy. As a strong advocate of improving perinatal mental health services Raquib is a member of the Global Alliance Maternal Mental health (GAMMH) steering group and a supporter of the UK Infant Mental Health Alliance (UK).



Rachel is passionate about community based family support and ending institutional care for children. In particular, she seeks to champion the rights of children with additional needs and disability. She has a Masters in Community Disability Studies from the Institute of Child Health, University College London and a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy. In 2002, she went to work and live in Tajikistan, and became a Disability Programme Coordinator for an INGO. In 2015, she began working at Mellow Parenting. In her role as International and Programme Lead she is involved in designing programmes and delivers on and offline Mellow Parenting training and supervision in the UK and internationally. She represents Mellow on the UK Parenting Programme Alliance and the Scottish International Development Alliance. In addition, she is training advisor for The Women’s Council who support the work of ADAPT in Mumbai.